Tension between conformity and rebellion is the concept of Carlota Barrera’s new Spring-Summer 2024collection “GENERATIONAL RELAY”. After moving back to Spain,Carlota Barreraembarks on a journey back to her place of origin and the 1990s, the decade in which she was born. Marked by extremes, contradictions and the renewal of social codes and standards, this collection is based on thoughts of reflection and freedom that marked the time. Street, asphalt and a mixture of cultural, musical and urban influencessuch as Patti Smith and Kurt Cobain give shape to a collection that speaks of creative freedom, authenticity and fluidity. 

Tailoring,a distinctive element of Carlota Barrera, is approached from a new perspective: layering. Simple and timeless patterns are combined in double layered sleeves and trouser legs, creating classic silhouettes that become statement pieces. Versatile, easy-to-wear pieces play tricks on the eye with trompe l’oeil effects, blurring the lines between the real and the imaginary. Silhouettesbecome more relaxed with fabrics such as cotton voile, wool and Tencel. Experimentation with denim, which has characterised the brand from the beginning, is reflected in deconstructed pieces. The main palette of the collection is composed of neutral colours such as white, black and grey, which serve as base for a study on silhouette and proportions. These neutral tones coexist harmoniously with green and pink, bringing freshness and vitality to the collection. 

Carlota Barrera’s “cut out” adapts and evolves to the new concept of rebellion as an unfinished circle, reaffirming the brand’s identity. At a time when immediacy, the pressure of the catwalks and the increase in consumption is more demanding than ever, “It is a time when we feel that we are sort of breathless”. Carlota Barrera draws attention to the beauty and value of handwork, highlighting theprocess and production time of everyday crafts, traditional Spanish craftsmanshipand it vital importance for emerging designers, industry and cultural heritage. 

The brand currently works with four small workshops in Madrid, whom with they share values and thoughts. “Craftsmanship, craft and handwork have lost significant value”. For this reason, Carlota Barrera’s team is initiating a debate with the aim of establishing a new culture that maintains and perpetuates the importance of tradition and craft heritage. With this in mind, we can all learn from the past and project ourselves into a new future.In this project, the brand also collaborates with Ábatte,a company that works with natural fibres in an old monastery in Segovia. Carlota Barrera has designed a delicate shirt, a unique limited edition piece, made with silk fabric hand-spun on her traditional loom. Estaños de Pedraza, the last tin workshop in Spain, collaborates by making pieces such as accessories and appliqués for denim designed by Carlota Barrera, with the aim of paying homage to a trade with a long history on the verge of disappearing. 

Carlota Barrera opens the doors of their Studio in Madrid to document the production process of the collection. They join forces with Queridaand the production company Mañana, creating a film directed by Guillem Cruellsthat amplifies the voices of all the professionals who are part of the brand, and Nicolás Fericheis the one who collects in images the whole development process of Spring Summer 2024.