GEN FREY unveils its first ready-to-wear collection in a series of limited drops. Throughout 2024, six distinct looks comprising 23 pieces each will punctuate the year, presenting various capsules. Transitioning from the brand’s signature Couture pieces, characterized by dynamic shapes and volumes, this collection extends this essence through denim and cotton pieces, celebrating individuality. Its first drop occurred on March 24th with a black-core oversize pants range.

For this collection, the designer drew inspiration from his time in Paris for the first time, spotlighting the underground atmosphere of the city. The pieces also pay homage to other sub-cultures the designer cam across in his teenage years, such as raves, hip-hop, punk and techno. Entitled “Paris Underground”, the collection is is about versality, confort and complexes yet timeless styles.

From jeans with intertwined pieces and silver details to washed-denim miniskirts, all the bottoms are with complex patterns and XXL pockets to rhythm the whole collection. The rest of the look gathers outdoor pieces as triple-zip jackets with earthy tones or dark denim hoodies. This collection also present its first shoes: the denim buckled boot with seven adjustable buckles for an almost-bespoke model.

GEN FREY sets online its first drop of the year offering a range of two original pants: Interlacing Jeans and Cargo Racer Pants. The Interlacing Jeans consists of layers of interweaving pieces of jeans made in denim cotton; these unisex, loose cut pants with the signature low rise style displays GEN GREY’s DNA and the designer’s deepest inspirations. The Cargo Racer has 4 three-dimensional pockets which give volume to the piece, this unisex model made from black waxed cotton has a loose silhouette and slightly worn metal finishes for an authentic side that the designer wanted to bring.