GCDS, the Italian fashion darling, upends expectation with its latest project, the first fashion campaign entirely shot and produced by celebrity paparazzi company, Backgrid.

Through a series of off-the-cuff images, GCDS takes a bold step by fusing disparate worlds into one. The energy of Italy and its history with the paparazzi is transported to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world, giving way to stolen moments in an authentic, informal style. What’s real and what’s rehearsed comes into question, upholding the brand’s ironic tone, and framing fashion within an immediate reality. Taking inspiration from Creative Director Giuliano Calza’s preferred hotspots in the Californian metropolis, each photo seamlessly integrates American culture and the brand’s Made in Italy aesthetic.

The campaign captures the essence of Los Angeles and the celebrity snaps we’ve grown accustomed to. Images pull back the curtain on daily life, featuring private moments we’re not meant to see, and the public activities we’re eager to dissect. Where do celebrities dine, what cars do they drive, and how does knowledge of their whereabouts play into contemporary culture?

Also in the mix are several ready-to-wear and accessory icons. A new capsule of staple logo pieces is on full display, including form-fitting crop tees and loose, wear-anywhere logo hoodies. The campaign also features some of the most celebrated GCDS bags, including the Heart Bag and the home phone-inspired Call-Me Comma Bag. Making its campaign debut: the Comma Notte Bag, featuring an asymmetric silhouette enhanced by silver metallic details, and offered in a range of styles from laser-embossed monogram denim to silver and raffia.

For an added dose of drama, the closing look of the SS24 fashion show shines bright roadside in front of the famed Chateau Marmont. The fluffy metallic maxi gown was designed by Calza in silver lurex and features a deep drape opening at the back, uncovering a corset-body below.

In an unprecedented move, GCDS has worked with Backgrid, the iconic paparazzi agency, to bring this vision to life. Drawing inspiration from current hype culture and reminiscent of Franca Sozzani and Steven Meisel’s storied shoot two decades ago, the campaign blurs the line between reality and editorial. Viewers are confronted with candid images, rooted in the here and now, opening a conversation on fashion, fantasy, and reality.

Giuliano, the mind behind GCDS, reflects on the campaign, stating, “LA is the perfect playground to bring clothing to life, animating looks beyond the runway. In a world that often overlooks the beauty of the everyday, stepping out of the studio to capture this campaign was a rare and refreshing experience.”