K-Hawaiiis GCDS's modernized amalgamation of the word Kawaii (cute or adorable in Japanese) and Hawaii, one oft he most beautiful places in the world, a tropical paradise rich with history.

GCDS presents Summertime seduction, where Kawaiii scute and at the same time sexy.This futuristic take  on manga touches on the very concepts that formed the genre: a careful balance of suspense and humor, regulation versus fantasy, and idealized love featuring over-stylized and over-sexualizedheroines.

Kawaii is represented by iconic pop symbols from The Care Bears to Bello Kitty, with vibrant colors and alifused together byAnna Trevelyan's styling. The jux taposition of the block buster filmseries, JurassicWorld Hawaii) withKawaii: cute but deadly. The same goes for their eyewear, expertly crafted by The Marcolin Group. GCDS began itsp artnership with the leading worldwide eyewear company who exclusively created iconic sunglassses for the show.

Manga seeks to represent certain aspirations in a particular society, cultural evolutions we strive to achieve. Self-identity and forced standards are morphing us into hentai manga characters rather than somethingrealistic. Everything wesee onlin etoday–filtering, makeup, and contouring–is exactly what you get from a K-Hawaii manga aesthetic: a sugar-coated candy character. Social media's infinite scale and ubiquitous presence in daily life should lead us to seek the niche, and yet in some ways we become more homogenous, both culturally and aesthetically.

K-HAWAII represents this next evolution!

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