GCDS reveals its new Fall / Winter 20 / 21 campaign shot by French photog- rapher Pierre Ange Carlotti. GCDS has always represent at its best the young generation of this era with an exciting print and panoramic mindfulness. Shot in Nice, France, this campaign was conceived with a different mind set than usu- al, given it was post the Italian lockdown, what Giuliano imagined and wanted this campaign to broadcast was fun, free and playful elegance. Maintaining its classic nature , which is streetwear , with the use of colored silks and precious stones pulling the strings of a new modern luxury .

Pierre Ange Carlotti shot maintaining his foxiness and balanced it with our irony. The campaign brought together an impeccable casting and portraying GCDS by all means. Beginning with English rapper Bakarr , who wore the cloth- ing beautifully by dripping in pearls and latex gloves. It was close to Giuliano Calza’s heart to shoot along the other models, poet and activist Kai Isaiah Jamal not only for their rare beauty, but sharing same beliefs and ideologies. At last supermodel Stella Lucia represented the beauty and the lightheartedness GCDS wanted to portray with the this campaign.

According to Giuliano, “It’s essential to own what makes us unique, because nobody else shares your same recipe of ingredients, and this GCDS’s drive .”


Photographer: Pierre-Ange Carlotti

Models: Bakar Kai, Isaiah Jamal, Stella Lucia

Stylist: Helena Tejedor

Hair stylist: Ramona Eschbach

Makeup artist: Patrick Glatthaar