The weirder the better. The stranger the cooler. GCDS is here to build an ultra-diverse, all-entities-welcome community.

Since its inception, GCDS has broken norms to create an evolved breed of brand. With Giuliano Calza at the helm, diversity is de facto and identity— no matter the shape it takes— is irrevocably uplifted. Under Giuliano’s direction, GCDS has led the charge on creating an authentic, eclectic community.

The boundary-breaking world of GCDS goes deep and runs forever. For SS19, models walked the runway sporting prosthetic third breasts, a statement about the condition of our world and the extra nurturing we need if we want to fix it. Then, GCDS x Barilla upended classic belief by ushering an all-inclusive bright pink to a traditionally blue brand, and pairing it with a Nadia Lee Cohen-lead campaign, featuring Sophia Loren seated alongside Nikita Dragun. And who could forget Bratz x GCDS? The ultimate cool girl dolls met their sartorial match in a collab that rested on mutual appreciation for boldness, individuality and the quest to build community.

Now, in 2022, GCDS will move one step further in building its vibrant world through an NFT collection. Like all new-fangled things, NFTs feel complicated. But for all they are, the concept is simple: NFTs are digital collectibles that can be owned, traded or sold. And just like your favorite

Impressionist paintings, NFTs are completely one-of-a-kind and impossible to duplicate. As each work passes hands, the trades are recorded in a blockchain, a list of transactions that makes the whole process more secure.

The GCDS initiative will offer 4,888 unique NFTs launched on Ethereum, a decentralized blockchain which creates a safe, peer-to-peer network for trading. But for all the technicalities, what will GCDS NFT buyers receive? To start, each NFT will feature a totally unique, first-of-its-kind portrait of the brand’s latest testimonial and protector of diversity, WIRDO. Once purchased, the collectible is entirely yours, as no other buyer will have an identical work. But buying the NFT offers more than just the portrait itself. By owning one, people will gain access to an ever-evolving GCDS community, a place where all are accepted, and uniqueness comes as a point of pride.

We’re partnering with two charities and part of the revenue will go to: OFFSETRA, which fights the climate pollution by creating digital works of art, we are working with them to ensure our Wirdo collectibles are carbon negative and ILGA EUROPE, which protects the LGBTQI community and fight for their rights, Wirdo themselves stands for inclusivity, diversity and acceptance.

Once inside this new world, members can take advantage of multiple services over the coming years, including exclusive access to pre-sales of your favorite runway pieces and capsule collections, a 30% discount on ecommerce, and digital items usable in multiple metaworlds. Members of the community will also enjoy exclusive sales of concert tickets, online raffles and the chance to win runway show passes.

For those interested in making one of the GCDS NFTs their own, purchasing is simple and can be done through GCDS’ website either with real (government-issued) currency, or with cryptocurrency, so-called Ether (ETH). Opening a crypto exchange account only takes a few minutes and will enable your digital wallet to store Ether, which can be bought using a credit card or via direct bank transfer.

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