“Nicolaj has a background in tech, so we have been talking about Artificial Intelligence for years. Recently, it feels like something else to panic about, because it’s so far from my world. But I was thinking about AI’s potential for good. As a mother of three kids, and as a woman running a business, I think a lot about how to raise my kids to be kind, to feel secure, to be responsible. It’s the same with GANNI, how do we grow this brand into the most responsible business it can be? So we talked about how it might be possible to create a kinder, more thoughtful AI, one that does good. 

Everything clicked into place when we met the incredible AI artist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm, who has this thoughtful, philosophical take on AI. We worked with Cecilie to create a GANNI AI for the show. We wanted the spirit of the AI to be embodied by a physical form, something natural – my first thought was trees – they are such a symbol of hope and life. We’ve also been spending more time this season with Paloma Elsesser, who we are working with on a capsule that speaks to the joy of feeling confident in your own self and embracing self expression. The more I get to know Paloma, the more she becomes the girl of my dreams. A true voice of change in an industry that is playing catch up. We are also debuting projects with New Balance and Ace & Tate on the runway. I have literally run out of ways to express in words how much collaboration means to me. Internally our team is unbelievably strong, premier league. And the wider GANNI community is… it’s everything.”Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director, GANNI 

This season, GANNI presents a show concept driven by Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with the artist Cecilie Waagner Falkenstrøm, whose studio in Copenhagen, ARTificial Mind, specializes in creating humanized and interactive tech-art. AI has been a topic at the kitchen table in the Reffstrup house for years. Before they started at GANNI together, Ditte’s husband Nicolaj ran a tech business that invented a chat robot. 

The idea of creating a kinder, more thoughtful Artificial Intelligence came to Ditte after one of their late-night conversations about the threat of AI. As Ditte says, “I always feel more positive when I am actively engaged with something”. So, the team worked with artist Cecilie to create an AI that holds a mirror up to the GANNI community – programmed with a ton of data from the brand’s universe.

As for the collection, Spring/Summer is GANNI to the max, explains Ditte: “I wanted us to really push ourselves this season. To see if we could create the most elevated GANNI looks we’ve ever done.” Ditte and her team worked a lot with contrasts for a look they coined “gardening granny punk”. There’s a touch of Little House on the Prairie in the proliferation of frills and an outdoorsy vibe. 

The dress of the season arrives with a new GANNI silhouette, ruched to gently hug the body before kicking out into a flare at the hem, available in different fabrics and textures, pick your hero. Another favorite is a cute black mini, encrusted with shimmering clusters of sequins. A tailored black leather-like dress with white contrast stitching is made from Oleatex, a fabric produced using waste streams from olive oil production. Adding to that you will see iridescent sequins adorned on a knitted dress, created using a new fabric innovation called Algreen, that turns seaweed and agricultural waste into plastic-free, recyclable sequins. Both innovations are part of GANNI’s Fabrics of The Future program. A program that demonstrates our commitment to reduce our carbon footprint using innovative materials via pioneering start-ups to help us get closer to our goal of 50% absolute carbon reduction by 2027. By 2025, GANNI aims for 10% of their collection materials to come from their Fabrics of The Future program. 

Tailoring this season is sleeker with accentuated waistlines and fitted shoulders. The cut lines on jackets feel almost like origami patterns, and some pieces splice together traditional suiting checks for a playful twist on tradition. 

SS24 continues to mark a new chapter of transformation, change and positivity for GANNI with a continuous focus on leather alternatives. From Western inspired cowboy boots to bikers and slouchy pointy-toed knee-highs. Mary Janes gets an update with stitching across the body of the shoe. The GANNI buckle ballerina comes with even pointier toes and wedged heels – marking the return of the power heel.  GANNI’s obsession with the GANNI Bou Bag is unabated – she’s now available as a mini too. 

“We really felt we wanted to make Copenhagen proud with the collection,” says Ditte. “This city, the Copenhagen girls, have always been the beating heart of GANNI. Copenhagen is where our heart is. Always will be.”

published by Nadia ten Hove