GANNI’s Pre-Spring 2024 collection is a continuation of the brand’s elevation and exploration of femininity. The collection builds on the success of the Fall/Winter 2023 show, which showcased the brand’s new direction and opened a new chapter in GANNI’s story.

“There must have been something in the air this season in the studio. All of us in the team had the same feeling of wanting to do something very feminine with the collection. You see it in the bow details, the tulle and soft sequins, delicate fabrics that brush against the skin. But then we put a little attitude in the prints, and added a rebel feel with the silver and black. It always comes back to contrasts – they make everything click into place. For me, the collection is a celebration of all the modern GANNI girls in our community, not afraid to show their femininity, showing the world their true colours and feeling confident about it too”. – Ditte Reffstrup, Creative Director of GANNI

This season, GANNI continues to work with a more feminine approach and more sophistication. The collection features new fabrications that feel like a continuation of the brand’s new direction, with a focus on prints, colours and contrast, but above all suiting steals the show as the brand continues to explore their new chapter of refinement. GANNI’s design team wanted to create a collection that feels in tune with the world we live in, thus colour palettes are more muted and easy this season, while still carrying the key colorful DNA of the brand. You will see use of bold colors and prints, paired with ultra-feminine adornments like tulle details and bows while adding more muted palettes of blue, green and contrasting black and white.

Inspired by the gracefulness of ballet, GANNI incorporated cute little tulle details and bows into the collection, paying tribute to these ultra-feminine statements of the ballet culture. These details are also present in prints, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the designs. The team also experimented with tulle and applied 3D ribbons to create structured garments that accentuate the body.

GANNI’s Pre-Spring 2024 Collection features a range of prints and colors, including deep red on botanical jacquard, azur blue as well as black and white contrasting prints. Soft touches of pink and a green metallic denim that feels iridescent make for great unexpected pairs, and a jacquard denim with bow patterns is a subtle play on logo mania.

GANNI continues to prioritize responsibility, with all ready-to-wear pieces being 100% certified organic, recycled, or proven lower impact.