Coffee, cakes, chess and checkers – Set up your own cafe anywhere with a collaboration of premium, lightweight outdoor furniture by Helinox and Café Kitsuné

Helinox, the original maker of lightweight, portable furniture and accessories, and Café Kitsuné, the specialty coffee retailer from multi- faceted Paris-meets-Tokyo brand Kitsuné, have collaborated on a new, limited edition collection for creating a cafe environment anywhere. Comfortable and stylish, this setup is for those wanting something that reflects both personality and quality, and caters to long hours of conversation with friends.

Perfectly timed for enjoying warmer weather outdoors, the new collection uses the foundation of Helinox’s Café Chair and Café Table, which are enhanced with customized Café Kitsuné design details, including both brand logos and a durable, 600-denier polyester fabric in a beautiful custom orange colorway inspired by Café Kitsuné’s signature palette.The smooth, sturdy table features reversible graphics: one side of the table set for games of chess and checkers; the other for Go, Pente and other games that use a 19 x 19 grid. Each piece of furniture packs down for ease of carry and stow, and assembles very quickly.

The Café Chair captures the comfort and shape of Helinox’s award-winning Chair One, yet sits higher off the ground and with a more upright sitting posture for a true café feel. To support the taller height, the Helinox team bolstered the design with stronger hubs, a wider base and larger diameter alloylegs.Theseatheighteasilyslidesunderanystandard28” tall table, and is designed to perfectly complement the Helinox Café Table. The Café Chair offers a capacity of up to 320 lbs, and is made with DAC alloy and 600 denier polyester.

The Café Table perfectly complements the Café Chair, and is a design that could only come from the creative minds that comprise the Helinox Creative Center. The high-pressure laminate top creates a smooth surface that easily wipes clean and can withstand temperatures of up to 356-degrees F (180 degrees C) for short periods or 212 F (100 C) for up to eight hours, making the table perfect for cooking, hot drinks and feisty rounds of Settlers of Catan. The shock-corded, DAC aluminum legs are easy to assemble and snap directly into the tabletop for transport, with the table carried by a removable handle that snaps into place. The uniquely designed hub allows the legs to rotate independently as you open and close them.

Café Kitsuné and Helinox are both known for collaborations, and this new collection is designed with meticulous attention to the details and built on the foundation of Helinox’s premium-quality packable and ultralight furniture, ready to go anywhere.

The new collection is available online at and in a selection of Café Kitsuné.