G-Star has unveiled REWEAR, a vintage platform allowing consumers to buy and sell unique second-hand G-Star items. This initiative marks the brand’s commitment to a circular repair-rewear-recycle strategy, focusing on extending the lifespan of G-Star clothing. Through REWEAR, customers can now submit clothing they no longer wear or that no longer fits, either online or in G-Star stores. Initially, G-Star Rewear will be available exclusively in the Netherlands.

The launch of REWEAR is part of G-Star’s circular strategy encompassing repair, rewear, and recycle initiatives. In recent years, the brand introduced various programs to prolong product life or repurpose items, including Certified Tailors in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and South Africa. Additionally, G-Star established drop-off points where customers can have their jeans repaired free of charge. Items beyond repair can be responsibly recycled through G-Star stores.

“G-Star clothing is designed for longevity. With our repair, rewear, and recycle programs, we make it easier to extend the lifespan of our garments, preventing them from ending up as waste. Together, we enhance our impact.” 

Rebecka Sancho, Head of Sustainability

G-Star also employs old denim in its ‘Art of Raw’ program, creating art objects. The brand collaborates with innovative artists and designers, experimenting and innovating with recycled denim. One recent project, ‘More Or Less,’ transformed old jeans into sheet material, resulting in cabinets and a life-sized private jet made from recycled denim, displayed during Milan Design Week.

With the introduction of G-Star REWEAR, the brand’s circular initiatives, including repair, rewear, and recycle, are now comprehensive. G-Star has committed to reusing, repairing, or recycling a minimum of 1,000,000 G-Star jeans by 2030, aiming for scalability in these endeavors.