On April 22nd, Earth Day, across the globe we stop and consider the well-being of the earth. On this occasion, creative agency The Visionary Lab and G-Star RAW, champions of sustainability in the denim industry, present DENIM FOR EARTH; a platform which demonstrates creatively and innovatively that art, fashion, denim and sustainability go hand in hand.

Fashion is an art of change:

The Visionary Lab invited fashion designers and artists – Karim Adduchi, Charlotte Bakkenes, Yuki Isshiki, Yulia Ivanova, Bagua Jody, Majid Karrouch, Ferry Schiffelers and Tess van Zalinge – to create denim couture, inspired by G-Star RAW circular denim innovations. The designers were inspired by traditional techniques, varying from upcycling denim through the ancient Japanese Sakiori method, where quilting breathes new life into discarded rags, to dying denim using plant-waste of red beets. Additionally they worked with denim waste and G-Star RAW 100% recyclable denim fabrics, employing washing techniques that don’t spill a single drop of water and use harmful chemicals. The resulting creations are as unexpected as they are diverse, ranging from a decorative hat piece to a little bow dress. This combination of creativity and innovation yields an artful ode to both craftsmanship and the planet.

Exhibition ‘DENIM FOR EARTH’

These earth-honouring denim creations, photographed by Wendelien Daan, are on show at the Rembrandt Square in the heart of Amsterdam from April 22nd till May 9th 2021. Multidisciplinary artistIrma de Vries adds an extra dimension to the exhibition with an augmented reality experience via the Moco-Play app. All artworks can also be admired digitally in the MOCO Museum’s online gallery (www.mocomuseum.com), launching on Earth Day.

Denim innovations for tomorrow

Our time demands prioritisation of climate change on the political agenda. The fashion industry too is waking up to the urgency, as fashion pacts are signed to reduce and limit pollution and waste. DENIM FOR EARTH is a platform that joins The Visionary Lab’s sustainable mission, G-Star RAW’s know-how, and fashion designers creativity. Its purpose is to drive positive change in the fashion industry by directing attention to innovative and sustainable solutions in the denim world.