The new campaign and the Nautical Napery collection focuses entirely on the reuse of rejected high-quality table linen. By literally placing models on lavishly laid tables, a direct visual bridge is created between the clothing and the original material. From monumental dresses that fold around the body like starched napkins, to heavy fisherman sweaters lined with 100% recycled fibers, to refined, light tops that hang with simple buttons around the waist and neck.

Every year, in Europe alone, 27 million kilos of hotel linen are thrown away because of the smallest stain or hole. Often beautiful damask tablecloths of the highest quality. The message is confrontational, but the solution is hopeful. More and more people are refraining from buying new things or at least trying to cut down. MARTAN offers a colorful and contemporary alternative. New high-end design, made without new materials. The highest quality without sacrificing durability or comfort. In this way, MARTAN produces 82% less CO2 and uses 98% less water than other fashion brands.

In collaboration with photographer Kwadwo Amfo, MARTAN created this visually surprising campaign. “The goal is to attract attention in a playful way. The image immediately tells the story. People who already know MARTAN are still surprised when they hear that everything is made from up-cycled materials, now you can no longer around it”, says Diek Pothoven.

From tableware to Ready to Wear. Fully upcycled luxury hotel linen. The vintage French and Italian glass, which forms the life-size backdrop around the models, is from Noyers and will also be for sale during the MARTAN Pop-up at Prinsengracht 110, open until March 24.