Frenken stands for ‘creative classics’ mixing elements of avant-garde using iconics. Adding attitude and coolness by deconstruction menswear inspired tailoring combined with couture detailing. 

“The AW23 collection is called ‘The Love Collection’ it is all about working with an edge of ‘love’, ‘care’ and ‘glam’ adding femininity to a menswear wardrobe such as flowiness, finesse, sparkling Swarovski and a hint of pink.”

Erik Frenken

Shiny Swarovski stones fused on ‘grandpa’ mens tailoring like oversized pied-de-poule suits and coats gives a cool contrast. We called it the ‘glam-pa jacket’ Swarovski is used sometimes as an allover artwork and sometimes as a detail under the collar of a coat.We proudly present our chunky bulky 3 colored zipper. A golden puller, with the brand name mirrored as a reflexion of creative classics. The puller is attached to a slider in gunmetal which is combined on silver zipper teeth. The metal zippers are used on dresses, coats, skirts and perceived as edgy metal jewels throughout the collection. 

This season Frenken started working with mixing gold and silver metals. In the form of press buttons on the same garment, as well as a combination of these metals on zippers and d-rings on the same straps and belts. Words and phrases such as ‘we should kiss’, ‘love’ and ‘you are the one’ are written on the garments. Printed on satin dresses as a digital allover print. As well as a screenprint on a herringbone mohair coat which creates an amazing contrast between the rubberised print and the classic fabric.The different shades of sophisticated colors like off-white, camel, black and stone are contrasted with a vibrant bright pink and pastel pink.

All these details and ideas are worked into a beautiful collection that stands for a cool, modern and feminine wardrobe combined from day to cocktail wear.