FREITAG transforms their customers into independent design professionals: from now on, you can use at F-Cut digital cutting table with the pattern of another FREITAG model to create your own unique design. Zurich-based bag maker FREITAG breathes new life into the F713 KNIGHT RIDER, the asymmetric waist bag that can also be attached to your bike frame. Virtual templates for two classic FREITAG models are now waiting at for design-mad individualists who want their own unique item cut from the digitised truck tarps.

Conventional bag makers call it “cutting”; at FREITAG, we call it “bag design”. Because this is where F-Workers create each bag by individually cutting the best and most beautiful motifs from sails with their stencils and cutter knives. Now FREITAG is challenging their users to tackle this tough but creative job themselves, after FREITAG staff on the sales front have been faced with many questions around specific inventory, such as: “Do you also have the bag in dark blue with a ‘Y ‘, preferably in snow white and the ‘Y’ a few millimetres to the left?” “Hmm, nothing against the new one, but I still prefer the old Helvetica.” “This one is great. And if it had a red-and-yellow inner box for contrast, it would be perfect.”

We don’t like saying no to individualists at FREITAG, so we brought together internal and external UX and bag designers, logistics specialists, interface and bag sewing professionals and many other experts to invent F-Cut – a new, virtual form of bag design with actual bag output. FREITAG invites you to, the online cutting table. With virtual templates, 20 to 50 different digitised truck sails and ignoring all design guidelines, you can create the F712 DRAGNET messenger bag, and, recently, the F713 KNIGHT RIDER hip bag adapts to your bike frame. Because, after all, tastes differ.

Your design-it-yourself unique copy of the classic FREITAG waist bag that also fits on your bike frame.

  • Folds easily in and out for different types of needs
  • Retractable straps with buckle: wear it around your hip or crossbody
  • Can be attached to your bicycle frame thanks to Velcro straps
  • Optionally with the FREITAG logo or a special MY F-AULT logo
  • Always special F-Cut label on the belt

Dimensions: 380 × 55 × 250 mm (L × W × H)
Capacity: 4 l (not unfolded), 4.7 l (unfolded)
Prices: 255 euro