Franziska Aigner is a multidisciplinary artist at the crossroads of performance, music, and philosophy. The Berlin-based Austrian presents her sophomore EP “HEAVEN/HELL” under her solo project FRANKIE, releasing via UK label Shadow World.

With a diverse background that includes studying at Brussels choreography and dance school P.A.R.T.S., Franziska collaborated and performed with Anne Imhof on acclaimed performances such as “Angst” and “Faust” (awarded the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale 2017) and “Natures Mortes”. Her own works have been shown at Kunstenfestivaldesarts/ Brussels, Die Liste/Basel, Theatre de la Bastille/ Paris,The Place/London, brut/Vienna, HAU/Berlin and more.

In the realm of music, with her hand in cello, piano and vocals, she formed part of the soundtrack release of “Faust” on Berlin label PAN in 2019 (by Anne Imhof, Billy Bultheel, Franziska Aigner and Eliza Douglas) and contributed her talents to the Holly Herndon vocal ensemble tour. Her solo project, FRANKIE, gained recognition with the EP “STYX” in 2022. Aigner’s multidisciplinary approach extends to academia, where she completed her PhD in philosophy at the CREMP at Kingston University, London and is currently a lecturer at the New Centre of Research and Practice, teaching seminars on Modern European philosophy and philosophy of technology.

“HEAVEN/HELL” is a musical odyssey that reflects Aigner’s becoming and creative journey. It was composed and produced during two art residencies in Paliano, Italy, and later in Bergen, Norway, awarded by the Austrian Ministry of Culture, allowing her to craft the EP’s unique sound, merging classical influences with contemporary elements.

Aigner’s deep-rooted connection to classical music, stemming from her upbringing and music education in Salzburg, is palpable throughout the EP. She fearlessly incorporates classical elements by late Renaissance and early Baroque composers like Robert de Visée and Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger into her work, reimagining them in the context of her own compositions. The opening track, “CLOUDS,” beautifully samples de Visée’s Prelude in A minor, setting the stage for an enchanting musical voyage. Other references can be found in the lyrics, from John Dowland to the Roman poet Catull. With her voice as the primary instrument, layered harmonies, and subtle cello elements, Aigner creates a distinct sonic landscape, enriching it further with piano and meticulous beat production.

FRANKIE will run a residency at Cashmere Radio Berlin Nov-Dec, culminating in an album live concert that will be radio broadcast on December 8th. She also supported William Basinski at Broadway Theatre London in November.

Collaborating with photographer Nadine Fraczkowski for the EP’s cover art and filmmaker Austin Lynch for the “CLOUDS” music video, both visual pieces share in and further aesthetics interested in reflection.