words by Nadia ten Hove
Images by Ilsoo van Dijk

In the heart of the FOUR store, the ambiance is set for an exclusive musical experience known as FOUR Fireplace Sessions. This intimate gathering is a testament to the spirit of community and our collective passion for music. Following the success of previous sessions with Jonna Fraser & Dopebwoy, FOUR is thrilled to announce the return of FOUR Fireplace Sessions. This time, they’ve partnered with Hennessy to celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop, bringing an exciting new artist to the stage: SOR, personally invited by Hennessy.

SOR: A Symphony of Musical Brilliance

SOR has recently been honored with two Edison Awards in 2023: Best Album and Best Hip Hop. This recognition reflects his outstanding musical achievements, particularly his latest album, “Bae Doven.” The album seamlessly blends classical and hip-hop genres, showcasing SOR’s versatility. Beyond his musical prowess, SOR, often referred to as the “Black Beethoven,” is a multi-talented artist. He not only writes and composes music but also excels as a rapper, producer, actor, and conductor of his own (s)orchestra.

Hennessy x 50 Years of Hip Hop: A Toast to Culture and Innovation

Hennessy is marking a significant milestone this year by celebrating the past, present, and future of Hip Hop culture. Recognizing the genre’s defining impact, Hennessy pays tribute to those who pioneered and shaped this art form. From its humble beginnings, Hennessy became a badge brand adopted by the flourishing Hip Hop community. Today, it remains the most referenced alcohol brand in Hip Hop lyrics.

As part of this year’s commemoration, Hennessy is giving back to the community and showcasing the versatility of Hip Hop. The collaboration with SOR for FOUR Fireplace Sessions is a testament to the brand’s commitment to nurturing artistic talent and celebrating the enduring influence of Hip Hop on global culture.

We can’t wait for the next edition!