In the 1970s, watch designer Gérald Genta created the Ingenieur SL, Reference 1832, as part of his line of luxury steel sports watches. Its unique visual identity has been the inspiration for the new Ingenieur Automatic 40, which IWC is introducing at Watches and Wonders this year. Since the 1970s were an era of powerful design expressions, the motto of the stand is FORM UND TECHNIK. By using the German words for ‘form and technique’, IWC refers not only to their origins in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, but also to a specific period in German industrial design with a progressive and technical character.

The Engineer emerges from a steel plate

In line with this functional approach to design, the Ingenieur Automatic 40 is presented in an understated, technical manner. The collection is integrated into a large steel plate, allowing visitors to admire the sculptural beauty of the watches and learn about the intricate manufacturing process.

The history of IWC’s first anti-magnetic civilian wristwatch can also be discovered in an exhibition showing the evolution of this watch range from 1976 to 2013. The new Engineer can even be experienced in the Metaverse. In a newly designed Engineer Room, members of the IWC Diamond Hand Club will have the opportunity to learn first-hand about the development of this timepiece from IWC’s specialists.

Newly discovered original drawing of the Engineer SL

Also in Geneva, Gérald Genta’s original hand-painted drawing of the Ingenieur SL will be presented to the public for the first time. The watercolor painting was thought to be lost, but it was recently discovered by IWC museum curator David Seyffer and his team. The artwork has many distinguishing features of an original Gérald Genta design – from the paper and shell to the hatching and octagonal crown. Its authenticity has been examined and officially certified by the Gérald Genta Heritage Association.