Self-empowerment galvanized by the catalyst of change.

“Change is a common theme in our lives right now – like standing on shaky ground. We can let it overwhelm us or search for the hero inside. The show and collection capture that hero energy, forward momentum, grounding, and positivity. It’s about taking on your uniform for whatever hero you need to be,” says Tanne Vinter, Rains Head of Design.

Hero Show: The show rewrites what is expected of the brand; a departure expressed through every facet of Rains’ most ambitious production to date. From scale to setting and score-leveraging yet challenging hero tropes. “We wanted the location to reflect the power and drama that the ‘HERO’ title evokes. Yet we knew that telling this story in an urban or brutalist setting would be too literal. The location is stunning. Its scale, ornamentation, hues, the acoustics, everything signals the magnitude of the moment – both the show, and, figuratively, those moments in life that bring out our inner hero,” writes Philip Lotko, Rains Co-Founder.

AW23 Collection: The show will reinforce Rains relationship with contemporary performance outerwear. However this season,silhouettes spill to the ground in columns of technical fabrics and extend beyond reality. “The theme has offered an opportunity to stretch our minds. The silhouettes are more dramatic, sculptural, powerful. We explore superhero iconography in theatrical capes, extended collars, and new branding with a HERO application. Mono-sleeves recall the over-extending limbs of the superhero trope. The sleeves also reference straitjackets, speaking to the need to embrace our inner demons to fully flesh out the hero within. The collection offers more silhouettes, fabrics, and colors than ever before. The depth speaks again to individuality and building your hero’s uniform. Clothing empowers us. We use it to mask, while simultaneously revealing who we are underneath. We want the show experience and the collection to inspire the self-empowerment needed to wield your inner hero,” concludes Tanne Vinter.