What do Rosalía, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian, A$AP NAST & Fai Khadra have in common? Well, they’ve all worn the Flatlist x Veneda Carter frames. 

Veneda Carter is a Danish stylist and jewelry designer based in Los Angeles. Previously head stylist for Yeezy and as a personal stylist for Kim Kardashian, Veneda is defining the fashion looks of tomorrow. Together with FLATLIST she has created a unique collection of eyewear. And this is their second drop. 

”We have known Veneda for a long time and always been a fan of her good vibes and her honest approach to life and everything that follows. Veneda quickly became a fan of FLATLIST and back in the beginning of 2020 – before the pandemic – we called Veneda and asked her if we should do something together.”, says Kasper Space, who founded the brand together with Mads Hancock in 2018. 

”There was just so many things both sides could tick off. Her 90’s MTV vibes (soul, R&B, rap videos) was something that we grew up with and is still a place and period of time we go for for both inspiration and when it comes to the playlist at our office. It just felt very natural to do it”, continues Space. 

As the second drop is upon us, Veneda has chosen to continue on the successful shapes created for the first drop – but elevating them with new color ways. ”Since we’re both fans of vintage acetate luxury eyewear the whole design process was just very like-minded and super fun. FLATLIST gave Veneda full control of both the design and chosen color ways. Shot by photographer Aus Taylor in a grainy, sort of 90’s vibe, the the campaign has a lot of personality and that’s what’s key to both Veneda and us at FLATLIST.”, says Space.

The collection launches February 2nd / 10AM CEST on https://flatlisteyewear.com/ & February 10th at selected global retailers such as Dover Street Market, SSENSE, END Clothing, LN-CC, KITH, The Next Door.