he starting grid of the new F1 season is at an early stage and Palm Angels welcomes it with the launch of two collections born from the propulsive encounter with the world of racing. The partnership with the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team, recently announced in Abu Dhabi, inspired a dual creation under the name of Palm Angels Racing and Palm Angels x MoneyGram Haas F1 Team.

 Shared values and the constant quest to overcome the borders, to go on always believing in yourself, America meets Italy and vice versa in this link up which is a journey that the two brands travel together in the pursuit of ever new challenges with always positive mindset. Palm Angels and America’s F1 Team, are brands that foster a liberated way of being, accept, and nurture challenges and now celebrate their unparalleled partnership, of which Palm Angels functions as EntArtainment Curator, to launching in Miami two dedicated collections, each of them with a specific tag. The red tag for Palm Angels Racing and the black tag for the Palm Angels x MoneyGram Haas F1 Team collection.

The Palm Angels Racing collection, red tag, is an expansion of Palm Angels’ take on sport: exploring the racing and pit lane gear in shapes, colors, fit and soaking the fascination of the trackside atmosphere, to reimagine it in garments that can address motorsports enthusiasts as well as sportswatchers. As soon as the Palm Angels’ look fell on the various paddock and non-paddock garments, they morphed into relaxed and easy-wearing pieces, while maintaining the unmistakable touch in reference and subtle callbacks. The collection, available from May 4th, includes T-shirts, turtleneck sweatshirts, hoodies, chino pants, and Miami-style short-sleeved shirts, not to mention special items, such as the Paddock Varsity Jacket, a staple of its own revisited and repurposed in the Palm Angles way. Paired with the upcoming race on May 7th, 2023, in Miami, Palm Angels has designed an official Team T-shirt, recalling the city and date of the race with a graphic print that evokes the racing world with unexpected touches of wisteria and turquoise. Accessories include a black baseball cap with red embossed profile and a hyperlight rubber and mesh sneaker: its streamlined design and unique aesthetic, off-center lacing and shockabsorbing engineered sole.

 The Palm Angels x MoneyGram Haas F1 Team, black tag, debuts alongside the Miami race offering a selection of garments for fans of Haas and all speed lovers with refined taste. The collection let the customers to immerse in the exciting atmosphere of the roaring engines by sporting the signature monogrammed gothic graphic T-shirt, the black tracksuit with Palm Angels and the signature Haas roundel and starry side ribbon, or the Paddock Vest, a garment with a sleek allure to fuel up any look.

The Palm Angels and Haas collections will be officially celebrated in Miami with a takeover of the MoneyGram Haas F1 Team hospitality suites and garage alongside an exclusive event on Saturday May 6th.