The very first A.P.C. store in the Netherlands is open. The Parisian fashion label, known for its minimalist designs, does this together with Menno and Myrthe van Meurs, owners of denim and high fashion concept store Tenue de Nîmes. The Jordaan in Amsterdam is the chosen location of the rst Dutch mono brand store.

A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Création) was founded in 1987 by owner Jean Touitou. He works together with his wife, Judith Touitou – the creative director of the brand. A.P.C. is known for its high-quality jeans in raw denim, but also creates complete men’s and women’s collections that embody timeless elegance. Jean Touitou assumes the absence of extravagance and the return to the essential is what A.P.C. stands for.

In addition to ready-to-wear collections, A.P.C. Amsterdam has items from the most recent collaboration with Sacai and a limited number of one-of-kind vintage jeans from the Butler program, the brand’s denim recycling initiative.

For the Amsterdam store, A.P.C. works with their trusted design partner, Laurent Deroo Architect. In addition to projects such as Palais de Tokyo, he has been working with the French brand for over 15 years, designing their stores in for example Los Angeles, New York, Kyoto, London and Seoul.

The design of the store exudes the identity of the brand. The essence lies in the space that is created in a playful way through the use of very few materials. With an emphasis on symmetry, the whole property has been organically transformed into two mirrored spaces – the beige side for women and the blue-gray side for men. The color palette unites the mix of materials – wood and steel. The sustainability in the store design is approached by the simplicity and the lack of unnecessary use of materials.

Jean Touitou“I am really looking forward to opening our very rst Dutch store and contacting our customers here in this way. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, but now of course I have a very good reason.”

Menno van Meurs“I will never forget the day I got my rst raw A.P.C. bought jeans, on Mercer Street, New York in the previ-ous 2000s. Although I hated my new, very tight jeans, for two weeks, I loved them forever after that. Finally I found a brand that successfully applied age-old denim rules in a contemporary world. A.P.C. is clean, but never easy. Since that day I have admired the brand that Jean Touitou has built so carefully. He has created rock-solid DNA and will never let a fashion icono-clasm distract him from his vision. It is a great honor for me to work with Monsieur Touitou after all these years.”

A.P.C.’s 98th store worldwide is located at Elandsgracht 120 in Amsterdam.