16 December

The first international Christmas Drag Show with the cast of ‘Drag Race Holland’


This Christmas, multiple drag professionals will join forces to create a spectacular online Christmas show. On December 26th 2020, (boxing day) the online event “All You Need is Drag” will take place. It will be one of the most unique, online, Dutch based productions of 2020, with the entire cast of Drag Race Holland season one.



In the past year, drag had an explosive growth due to the airing of Drag Race Holland. But after the show aired, the cast of the show was not able to perform for big groups of fans due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. “That is something that needs to change”, states Danielle Jiskoot, founder of The Drag Agency. “We have to set the spotlight on the drag talents of The Netherlands in as many ways as possible.” 



“All You Need is Drag“ is an online event for the whole family. Usually people would go to a Christmas show with the family, but since the pandemic has given events a problematic turn, the show will be brought to people's homes. All the cast members of Drag Race Holland season 1 will give exclusive performances made in collaboration with some of the most prominent producers, designers and choreographers to make this Christmas show a special one to remember. 



Boxing Day:


The event will take place on boxing day, the 26th of December 2020, at 9PM CET (worldwide time zones available) the show will be live streamed for everybody that purchased a ticket via www.thedragarmy.com. In the show, the cast of Drag Race Holland will give a series of performances with a Christmas flavour. By giving people all over the world the chance to watch the same show, we give them the opportunity to still enjoy these holidays together even though we are separated physically.





The entire line up for the show; Abby OMG, ChelseaBoy, Envy Peru, Janey Jacké, Madame Madness, Ma’MaQueen, Megan Schoonbrood, Patty Pam-Pam, Roem & Sederginne.



The Drag Army:


The Drag Army is the organization behind ‘All You Need is Drag’; a collective consisting of multiple prominent Dutch and Flemish entertainment professionals that all have strong connections with the drag community in The Netherlands and Belgium.   




Tickets are available via www.thedragarmy.com.
Early bird tickets: €10,-
Reguliere tickets: €15,-