Winter Garden Festival, the latest event by the organizers behind the well-known Mystic Garden Festival, has just been announced. This unique winter festival will take place on February 24, 2024, in Haarlemmermeer, featuring artists such as Eelke Kleijn, Luuk van Dijk, and Joëlla Jackson. With this, the festival positions itself as the only festival in the Netherlands happening in this winter month.

Winter Garden creates a magical world where visitors can forget their daily concerns and be themselves. It is a place where music, art, and individual expression come together to provide an inspiring and liberating experience. The festival is entirely immersed in a winter kingdom. Visitors can enjoy an enchanting setting with mind-blowing light shows. The lineup features prominent (techno) DJs, including Eelke Kleijn, Joëlla Jackson, Joran van Pol, Luuk van Dijk, M-High, Nico Morano, DIØN, Cynthia Spiering, Hollt, and Samuel Deep b2b Locklead.

The festival consists of 4 stages hosted by Mystic Garden Festival, Dockyard Festival, Cirque Mystique, and TIJDMASJIEN.

Important aspects of the festival are sustainability and inclusivity. The organization aims to create an event where respect for each other and nature is in its DNA.

“Everyone is welcome, and the guests themselves are the ‘core’ of the event. They are the ones providing each other with a welcoming environment, regardless of background or life experience. And we ensure that the experience seamlessly aligns with this.” – Tania Davison, founder of Winter Garden Festival.