“I’m learning more about myself, I am now more confident. I don’t need to hide in my safe place every time. I’m finally ready to get out of my bubble.”

If you type Daria’s name into YouTube, you will most likely be confronted with an abundance of videos showcasing a variety of mix sessions, each different in approach, but unified through a phenomenal expression of power that vibrates through the screen and manifests in three forms; versatility, skill, focus. Stylistically based on the foreground of groovy techno, she effortlessly shapeshifts and switches between elements of IDM, electro, jungle and breaks, adding intriguing and masterful complexities to her sound. 

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A key differentiator of Daria is her innate way of using the decks as a medium to communicate her most intimate emotions, desires and moods.This meditation led her to create an all-encompassing bond between herself and the music:

“Sometimes I’m upset, sometimes I’m happy, sometimes I’m shy, but when I’m in the DJ booth all my demons and emotions come out. I’m the realest when I’m in the booth.” 

What became apparent from speaking to the DJ is the way in which this power transcends holistically throughout her being, speaking with a fiery sense of strength and determination she tells me “I’m ready, I’m ready for anything. If it should happen like this, I’m okay, I’m going to accept it.” 

Turning back the pages of time to assess the roots of her passion, Daria tells me

“I think, at the beginning, music became my safe place, where I can hide from all of my problems. I grew from a simple family, we didn’t have money, I’m from a small city and there was nothing to do. I didn’t want to live this life.”

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Born in the small town of Lutugino in Eastern Ukraine, from a young age Daria was itching to get out and create a life for herself, she laughs as she tells me

“I remember watching music videos at 11 years old thinking. I want to be on the stage, I want to play the music!” 

Finding meaning and a sense of belonging in music, the DJ began to dive into this new found creative expression, quickly finding it became a sanctuary to reside in and explore who she fundamentally was:

“music, electronic music, DJ booths, it was my safest place. I started to feel it was a place to hide, so I didn’t have to accept reality.”

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13 years and around 50 countries later, with a whole host of renowned performances at iconic venues such as Berghain, Bassiani and FOLD under her belt, Daria looks to the future to find meaning beyond the decks.

“I only have one life. I don’t want to sacrifice it completely to music.” 

While on the outside DJing may appear to be an extremely glamorous, lucrative and persistently fun career, there are also sides to the spotlight that can have detrimental impacts on mental health, personal space and self-confidence. This makes the position to be one of soaring highs and exhausting lows, not to mention taking into consideration the tedious amount of graft and grind it takes to climb and remain at the top of the industry.
Touching on this topic, Daria expresses her frustration with this element of her job:

“Especially with travels, competition on the scene, feeling you’re not good enough or someone does it better when you see it on social media, I recently realised I want to play less, with the amount of shows I have right now, I don’t have time for myself at all.” 

However, with this feeling, there strikes a chord of guilt, as despite her exhaustion and longing for a new sense of inner self exploration, Daria mentions:

“I thought there is something wrong with me, I felt so guilty at the same time because many other artists would want to live this life I have. After speaking to some other older DJs in the game they told me they all had the same moment in their career. So I realise I just need to be honest with myself, because it can be quality or quantity.” 

Stepping into the unknown, letting go and reaching out into the darkness to make room for growth can be a terrifying but simultaneously exciting experience. As, while we can hang on to facets of our life that may be comfortable and serve our ego, when one takes time to dive into the realm of our subconscious and reflect upon what our heart truly desires and needs, a completely different pathway may rise to the surface, but making this jump takes strength.

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“Of course, it’s scary, because you’re thinking maybe if you would play less, maybe people would forget about you in half a year. But, right now I’m spending 90% of my time on music and 10% for myself. I want to do 50/50, to have the chance to spend some time with friends. I want to learn and see new things, and spend time at home. I have a cute collection of plants upstairs, but most of the time because I’m not home they are dying. The simple things like this make me happy.”

Chatting with Daria I could hear and feel the longing for a fresh, inspiring chapter to open in her life, one with the intention to take back more control and balance in exchange for the nurturing of her personal space. Musically speaking, after replenishing her energy the DJ tells me of her vision to produce more music

“Every time I have an interview I’m talking about production, but I don’t have the time. But now I would love to start, because I want to leave this for the culture, for the history.”

Coming from someone with such a unique and eclectic style and sound, I ask her if she knows what this may look like yet:

“For 100% I want to make techno, I love 2000s hard techno but more groovy, more funky. I want to also maybe try some jungle, or electro. We can see!” 

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