Named after the additional production cost of €6,83, the Court 683 is the brand’s most responsible shoe to-date.

The ‘683’ is the first of a new conscious line of products aiming to pave the way for the entire FILLING PIECES collection to be more responsible. The campaign is shot by Woody Bos, featuring Tyvvani Ebuehi and Gogo Lupin.The imagery expresses the human need to move ever closer to the shapes created by nature. The playful interaction with our Court 683 aims to emulate organic forms, almost forgotten in the months of isolation. Inspiration comes from the simple beauty of the trees and wildflowers, something we might have taken for granted. Modelled on the Low Plain Court, key features of the 683 include the use of fully-traceable, Dutch organic leather hides, coloured using metal-free tanning. Traditional rubber soles are substituted for a sugarcane EVA equivalent, eliminating the use of petroleum from the production process.

“As a fashion brand, we are conscious that each decision we make has an impact on our environment and we need to do better. Whilst we don’t currently have access to a luxury leather alternative, the 683 is the most responsible shoe we can produce right now, with steps being taken to further develop responsible choices within our production and design process.”Chris Alders, Head of Marketing at FP.

€6.83 is the total additional cost of FP’s responsible choices. Every aspect of the original Court has been examined and replaced by more sustainable alternatives. The organic hides are sourced through Trace your Leather Cooperative (TLC), traceable to the individual cow. The leather lining has been substituted for recycled PET mesh. Laces are organic cotton, coated in beeswax – eliminating the use of pesticides. Plastic-based insoles are replaced with recycled cork produced in Portugal, home to FP’s factories – where production emissions have been offset by investing in carbon-negative projects. A cattle-style tag with a QR code is attached to each pair and leads to a webpage dedicated to the decision-making for the 683, as well as detailing the ‘responsible’ steps put in place throughout the brand’s entire production cycle. 683 represents the commitment from FILLING PIECES to be more environmentally responsible at all levels of the company. There are plans to extend the 683 line to other signature silhouettes such as the Low Top and Low Mondo 2.0. These are identifiable by a recycled, royal blue nylon label. The Court 683 is available in four colourways from 16 June 2020, part of the first drop for AW20.

Photography : Woody Bos (@woodybos)
Art Direction : Daniele Misso (@daniele.misso)
Talents : Tyvanni Osaheni Ebuehi (@tyvvanni), Gregory Robert (@gogolupin) Styling : Anna Claassen (@annaclaassen)
MUAH : David Koppelaar (@davidkoppelaar)