Amsterdam fashion brand Filling Pieces has opened a new Flagship Store. Located underneath their head office at Spuistraat 168, the brand’s Flagship retail space will offer the full brand experience, complemented with music, events and special collaborations.

“In a time where retail is facing immense pressure, it is forced to change drastically in order to survive. With our Flagship Store we are reshaping the conventional notion of the retail experience by translating our brand values into a space, and turning it into a community hub where we can bring like minded people together. It is, quite literally, the center of the Filling Pieces universe.” – Says founder and creative director Guillaume Philibert.

After opening their first Satellite store in the 9 streets in Amsterdam last year, Filling Pieces continues their physical retail expansion with a fully flexible retail space. Like their Satellite Store, the Flagship is designed by former Filling Pieces Art Director Daniele Misso, who continues the aesthetic of the Berenstraat store into the Flagship via hard contrasts between products and materials, using metal and concrete, with bright colour accents throughout the space.

“For the Flagship Store design, we drew inspiration from the Italian Superstudio movement, which emerged in the late 60s. It’s design methodology is based on partitioning a space via grids, and using them as a guideline for incorporating certain design elements. The light installation was designed to give the store a sense of continuity, and the feeling of one big space which holds smaller, strategically placed elements and structures. The open retail floor, for example, has grids which hold seating areas where people can interact with each other, as well as a mix of sculptural art installations and product displays. The rear grids of the space, which hold the lounge area and fitting rooms, were used to create yet another, more intimate experience using a sheltered structure and rich material textures. As a whole, the store projects the feeling of a contemporary art gallery; where all the elements become sculptural at the service of the Filling Pieces collections, yet at the same time provide a social setting for the brand’s community”, explains Daniele Misso.


Design: Daniele Misso 

Photography 1: Ewout Huibers (@ewouthuibers)
​Photography 2: Daniele Misso (@daniele.misso)