Located in the heart of Amsterdam’s 9 Streets, Filling Pieces’ first permanent retail store offers a carefully curated, tangible brand experience.

The vision of the brand’s Art Director, Daniele Misso, the store has been designed to function as a creative hub and pays homage to its predecessor: the beautiful and avant-garde bookstore, Mendo. The space is intended as an interactive environment to exchange ideas and experiences between people from different backgrounds and growing communities.

“We are showcasing more than just products, curating different art from our inner-circle friendship group of artists, using our retail space as a meeting place for our community.” – Guillaume Philibert, Founder & Creative Director, FP.

Filling Pieces has once again commissioned designer Johan Viladrich for custom fittings, having previously designed the Paris showroom installation for the brand’s AW20 collection. Beyond the latest collections and exclusive product offerings, artistic collaborations merge here with product display, to create a new experience in retail. Periodically, the store will feature the work of international artists of various disciplines, providing a platform to express their interpretations and vision of society outside of conventional institutions such as art galleries and museums. For the opening, a digital reproduction of Alexandros of Antioch’s sculpture Venus de Milo is displayed. Through photogrammetry (a process mainly used for 3D scanning), Swedish artist, Mikaela Steby Stenfalk uses the 62,000+ images found under the hashtag #venusdemiloto merge together, forming a new digital original. Mikaela reflects upon reproduction and archival processes in the age of the internet, as well as our growing relationship to digital landscapes and ties to public life. The brand plans to open a larger flagship store and brand experience closer to the end of 2020, with hopes to expand to other international key cities in the next years to come.

Visit the store at the Berenstraat 11,1016GG in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Officially opened from: 17th August.