Energy is fluid, and unapologetic. It’s breaking free from rigidity, and living without limits.

The campaign is the result of a collaboration with two emerging actors in the LGBTQ+ community, who break the rules by celebrating self-expression and inclusion. With two bold capsule collections, one produced with Berlin-based queer streetwear brand DAGGER and one with Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary artist Yamuna Forzani, Filling Pieces demonstrates its desire to continue crafting statement collections and defying traditional labels.

“I felt an instant energy match between DAGGER and Filling Pieces, based on our community-focused and inclusive attitude towards fashion. Something that is not always authentically found. We both believe in raising our communities higher and doing it together! My brand slogan “All the Best” and FP’s “Bridging the Gap” speak to the same energy of support, and that energy is EVERYTHING.”

Luke Rainey (DAGGER Founder) 

“The collaboration has been wonderful as I was able to design pieces I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to make myself while also connecting me to fellow designers such as DAGGER. As a textile artist and queer activist, collaboration is the heartbeat of my creative practice, where energy is everything.”

Yamuna Forzani 

Dagger’s daring capsule, imbued with an aesthetic blending skate and punk culture, was released on the 20th of July in Berlin, while Yamuna Forzani’s ultra-flashy Y2K-inspired capsule was celebrated on the 3rd of August in Amsterdam. 

”It’s important to me, the team and the brand to be a reflection of how we would like to see society. Bridge the gap between different people, cultures and disciplines. A place where everyone is embraced for who they are and the freedom to be, regardless how they identify themselves. As a brand, we are proud to be partnering up with initiatives and communities that proudly represent their beliefs within their art. The two collections gracefully and unapologetically breathe this same ethos.” 

Guillaume Philibert (Filling Pieces Founder)

Energy represents self expression

These two capsule collections show the boldness and artistic vision of these key players by celebrating the bright colors, the courage, and the solidarity of the queer community.