Amsterdam fashion brand Filling Pieces celebrates 150 years of Keti Koti by releasing a Football Jersey in collaboration with social enterprise KLABU. A collaboration that marks the third year of Filling Pieces’ “Unity for Suriname” initiative, and the beginning of the long-term partnership between the two Amsterdam brands.

Meaning ‘broken chains’ in Sranantongo, Keti Koti commemorates the 1863 abolition of slavery in Suriname and the Dutch Antilles, celebrating the people who fought for abolition, and the rich cultures that have persevered and flourished.

As the son of Surinamese parents, Filling Pieces founder Guillaume Philibert has instilled a strong connection to his heritage within the brand. Each year, Filling Pieces emphasises the importance of the Surinamese diaspora in pop culture, educates people within their community, and celebrates Surinamese talent. This year, Filling Pieces felt it was time to do more and create a partnership for sustained commitment and driving long-term change.

To kick off this collaboration, Filling Pieces and KLABU are highlighting 32 friends and family of Surinamese descent and varied migrant backgrounds, celebrating the Netherlands’ beautiful and diverse population. Talents of all ages and disciplines participated in the campaign, donning the latest limited edition Keti Koti Jersey, and representing the beauty, diversity and prowess of the Surinamese diaspora and Amsterdam migrant population.

Some prolific names from the campaign include: football legend Michael Reiziger, hockey star Terrance Pieters, FC Utrecht’s Sean Klaiber, rapper Glen Faria, singer Pink Oculus, social media star Vonneke, 7x time boxing world champion Regian Eersel and many more.

With their latest United Spirit project, Filling Pieces and KLABU are embarking on an ambitious journey to build a Filling Pieces x KLABU Clubhouse in Suriname, where local culture and education can flourish. In the first year of the partnership both organisations plan to host workshops focusing on sports, music and design. In the long run, the project aims to offer an active programme with multiple sessions a year and supplying the community with all the relevant tools needed. The sessions will be run by various spokespeople from different industries, including Filling Pieces founder Guillaume Philibert and representatives from the KLABU community.