To commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of Filippa K, the fashion house has collaborated with renowned Swedish photographer J.H. Engström to publish a limited-edition book. It’s Been 30 Years features never-before-seen archival photography from Engström, alongside new images that capture key garments from Filippa K’s history.

When Filippa K Creative Director Liisa Kessler was approached for her role in 2021, she found inspiration both in the spirit of the brand’s early days in the 1990s and in the photographs of J.H. Engström’s book From Back Home, which she discovered in a Parisian bookstore. “There was a natural sensuality and a raw, youthful energy that wasn’t forced,” Kessler explains. “This unpolished approach is what interests me, connecting with the intimacy that’s at the soul of the brand and of J.H.’s work.”

Leading up to the house’s 30-year anniversary, conversations between the Creative Director and Engström led to the idea of the book project. “From Back Home is an attempt to approach my memories of my childhood, and it’s a statement in the present: the place I grew up in has shaped me and still shapes me,” Engström commented. “My conversations with Liisa about time, place, energies, and self-expression became the beginning of the joyful book collaboration It’s Been 30 Years.” The photographer was given carte blanche to create something new that expressed both artists’ mutual reflections on their individual origins and that encapsulated the feeling of Filippa K.

The resulting publication marks the first time J.H. Engström has collaborated with a fashion house. It’s Been 30 Years debuts a series of new images that feature archival Filippa K pieces, taken by the photographer in Montreuil, France, his current home.

Selected by Kessler, the garments and accessories date back to the house’s founding year of 1993, showcasing the timeless appeal of its aesthetic. Rather than displaying the pieces in a subjective form on models, each still life treats them as historical objects, taking up space as their own representation of a moment in time. Interspersed with the new images are previously unpublished shots from Engström’s archives, taken during his time living among the natural landscapes of Värmland, Sweden. The book juxtaposes these two places—France and Sweden—that hold meaning for Kessler and Engström while exploring the continuous search for and meaning of home.

It’s Been 30 Years, with a foreword by gallerist and writer Saskia Neuman, will be released on November 16th. The limited-edition publication of 500 copies will be available to shop in Filippa K stores and at