Filippa K’s Autumn/Winter Capsule collection showcases its deep-seated commitment to furthering sustainable solutions in the fashion industry. The four piece drop features The Circulose® Loop: a new collaboration that combines tradition with innovation to create garments made with recycled fibres. It also sees the return of the house’s signature Swedish Wool sweaters in a new striped cable knit design. 


Filippa K is debuting two new pieces made with Circulose®: a 100% recycled branded material made from textile waste by the Swedish sustainable tech scale-up, Renewcell.1 Circularity has been central to Filippa K for almost a decade, with the aim of shifting from the industry’s linear take-make-waste model to a more circular economy. In its latest collaboration the house has introduced Italian fabric mill Beste2 to Renewcell, setting into motion a circular production loop that transforms the mill’s textile waste into a new recycled material. 

The Circulose® Loop starts with Filippa K’s long term partner mill, Beste. Due to local mandates, Beste’s textile waste previously had to be incinerated and therefore did not have any value. Now, the waste will be sent to Renewcell to be made into Circulose® by using their innovative technology and renewable energy. Circulose® is made by first breaking down the textile waste into a branded dissolving pulp. Water and polyester are removed from the pulp, and it’s transformed into a square paper-like sheet that can be easily transported and made into new fibres. These fibres, which are optimised for use in existing supply chain networks, are spun into a yarn and sent back to Beste for weaving, dyeing and finishing. The finished fabric is used to create new garments while the textile waste from weaving will be transported to Renewcell — contributing to the future production of Circulose®. 

“Filippa K has been collaborating with both Beste and Renewcell for some years, but we brought them together for this project. This loop is just a start. We are finding more opportunities to let circular models inspire our way of working and we hope others will too.” — Jodi Everding Vice President of Sustainability at Filippa K 

The first garments made from this collaboration are Filippa K’s Cropped Jacket and Henry Unisex Trouser. However the impact of the The Circulose® Loop will continue to last beyond this season as Beste introduces materials made with Circulose® into their textile offerings, allowing more brands to now have access to recycled fibres and helping to reduce the use of virgin fibres in fashion. 


Filippa K’s iconic Swedish Wool returns in an elevated design as part of the sustainable Autumn/Winter Capsule collection. Each year since 2019, the house has introduced a new sweater made from 100% Swedish wool as a continuation of its award-winning supply chain initiative.3 The fourth and latest limited edition style features a striped cable knit design for womenswear and menswear, alternating natural sheep’s wool tones in a relaxed silhouette.

The Autumn/Winter Capsule is the latest initiative in Filippa K’s sustainability mission of encouraging mindful consumption. The house strives to continue facilitating partnerships and new ways of working together that further support a circular economy and have a lasting impact.

The capsule will launch in select Filippa K stores and at on November 4th.