A fun, nostalgic, yet surreal celebration of summer. The film and images break with the gloom of winter and give the collection warmth and light. The orange hues of the sunset play with perception, blurring the visual cues of swimming in the sea during golden hour and bathing in a glass of iced tea. These moments pay homage to ’90s media and evoke the abstract perspective shifts seen in films and music videos from the brand’s founding decade.

Early days and future

The new campaign stars Caroline Winberg, iconic Swedish model and girlfriend of the house, alongside up-and-coming model Priya Ravi. In 2006, Winberg fronted a Filippa K campaign photographed by Patrik Sehlstedt that inspired Kessler’s vision for the spring/summer 2023 collection. The model’s return serves as a homecoming, recreating the attitude of Filippa K’s early days while embracing the future.