Filippa K is the first brand to introduce a new recycled and renewable material in its Spring/Summer 2024 collection this fall, through a collaboration with Södra, Lenzing and Riopele. The innovative partnership is the latest in the Swedish fashion house’s ongoing pursuit of circular solutions in fashion, bringing together the different parts of the industry to drive change.

Revolutionary pilot fiber

The revolutionary pilot fiber, made from a combination of textile waste and wood cellulose, is a product of Swedish forestry group Södra’s pioneering OnceMore® technology and Lenzing’s REFIBRATM technology – the globally recognized fiber producer behind TENCEL™.

“We are so excited to be the first brand to develop products in the new textile based on OnceMore® pulp using Lenzing’s REFIBRATM technology, supported by Riopele’s creative expertise in the production of yarns and fabrics. We are not doing this alone – collaboration is an essential step in the sustainable transformation of the industry. It is important for us at Filippa K to join forces with like-minded partners who are innovators in their own field.”

– Jodi Everding, VP Sustainability at Filippa K