During this time when people are at home and work from home, it is possible that the wardrobe becomes a real problem. Many items of clothing are no longer worn, which gives the closet an unorganized, untidy feel. However, well-selected items may assist to tiding up your wardrobe and giving it peace of mind. With the core collection of Filippa K you will be provided with all garments that match a sustainable, tidy wardrobe and reward you with a soothing feeling.

Filippa K has launched a new core collection consisting of essential key items. Timeless colors, silhouettes and comfortable fits are used. As a result, the core pieces are specially designed to serve every season, year after year, and can be combined with the rest of your wardrobe. This ties in well with Filippa K, of which mission focuses on conscious consumption. A long life of Filippa K items therefore plays an important role in achieving this mission.

Filippa K's core collection can be described as iconic, timeless and minimalistic. In combination with the major role that sustainability plays in all processes of Filippa K, there is no need to look any further for garments that you must have in your closet. With this core campaign, the men, women and the Soft Sport collection are supplemented.