The new video, called ‘Wild Untamed Naomi’ is a vignette of a private moment in Naomi Watt’s day within her apartment in New York, documenting her hidden and surprising side, accompanied by the FENDI Peekaboo ISeeU bag.

What starts as an average and restless day becomes untamed as Naomi escapes into her own world and discovers the joy of releasing stress and anxiety through a cathartic release of movement, unleashing her inner, wilder, and unseen side. With the help of her FENDI Peekaboo ISeeU bags, Naomi will seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The wistful instrumental music, reflecting Naomi’s initial restless mood, leaves space to the catchy and upbeat electro-pop track, ‘Beggin’ by Canadian duo HUMANS, which brightens the atmosphere and evokes the audience to dance along with Naomi during the video.

Intimate in scope and irreverent in tone, the video is a journey to self-love that plays with the FENDI values of creativity, craftsmanship and playful spirit, whilst celebrating the eternal narrative of the FENDI Peekaboo bag – the hidden beauty within.

“I love the colours! And it is a classic shape that’s very functional, whether you’re travelling with it or just using it as a day to-day bag. It just works.” said Naomi Watts about the FENDI Peekaboo bag.

Presented for the first time in the FENDI Fall/Winter 2020-21 Collection, the iconic Peekaboo ISeeU features an accordion-frame shape, to open in a deep ‘smile’ featuring inside pockets which can be interchangeable in smooth leather or precious skins and personalised with one’s initials.

The #FendiPeekaboo video featuring Naomi Watts launches globally on 31st March 2021.  



Access the ‘Wild Untamed Naomi’ video here


Directed by Sophia Li

Executive Producer & Talent Director: Rikki Keene

Fashion Editor: Melissa Levy

Director of Photography: Isabella Tan

Lighting Design and Photographer: Andy Harrington

Hair: Ryan Trygstad

Make-Up: Mary Wiles

Set Design: Kyle Hagemeier

Movement Director: Elena Vazintaris

Producer: Antonia Tedroff

Project Manager: Mollie Dixon

Editor: Nicholas Blatt

Track: “Beggin (Gang Signs Remix)” by HUMANS