Following the launch of the FENDI FRENESIA Yellow Scented Baguette line – launched in Miami in December 2019 – FENDI and Maison Francis Kurkdjian are pleased to present FENDI FRENESIA Pink.

The focus of the new line is the pink colour, which has been interpreted by Francis Kurkdjian – the master-perfumer and co-founder of the eponymous fragrance house – for the Roman Maison. This floral and cheerful eau de parfum perfectly merges with the rose hue of the line, which includes a Regular Baguette bag, a Nano Baguette and a new card case.  They are all crafted in the signature Selleria Cuoio Romano leather, the noble and natural material which inspired the creation of FENDI FRENESIA from the very beginning. 

This season a new sensorial dimension is added to the FENDI synaesthesia, the evocative, inimitable and evanescent experience of feeling and visualizing a fragrance: hearing, with Sine, a synthetic interpretation of the fragrance by Roman StudioAIRA! who experienced their techniques for FENDI and Maison Francis Kurkdjian.    

FENDI Frenesia Pink Video –