After a long period of silence, singer-songwriter Naaz is back. Not only with her well-received new album ‘Never Have I Ever’. But also in collaboration with Felt, she tells her story in a creative way with the capsule collection Felt X Naaz, Kche Baralla.

The Felt X Naaz, Kche Baralla collection is available via from February 7th.

Kche Baralla
Felt introduces you to the personal stories of creatives in a creative way you haven’t seen or heard before. With the Felt X Bruna collection, you’ve learned about the Lebanese background of influencer Bruna Rizk. And with the newest capsule collection, Kche Baralla, which means free-spirited woman in Kurdish, in collaboration with singer-songwriter Naaz, you are introduced to a new chapter in her career.

With this collection Felt presents to you Naaz her personal and cultural background and style in a creative way. But also the mission of the brand, encouraging you to celebrate your unique self, is visible with this personal and original capsule collection.

Felt X Naaz capsule collection
The Felt X Naaz, Kche Baralla collection has many layers and meanings that together tell the story of the 24-year-old singer-songwriter. Her goal is to make the voices heard of people who can’t use their voices. We see this in the different shapes, patterns, and colors collection.

The tattoo of Naaz: Azadï in Kurdish calligraphy, which means woman, life, freedom, without freedom for women, nobody is free, is the base of this collection. We see wing-like shapes referring to the birds on her album cover that symbolizes freedom.

In Kurdish Teyr means bird. This design symbolizes freedom, referring to the birds in her album cover ‘Never Have I Ever’.

Nerm means soft in Kurdish. This translates into soft, balanced shapes symbolizing femininity.

Next to the exclusive designs from the hand of Naaz. We also see the well-known Felt shapes, Ora and Ami. And introduces Felt a new design, Avu with this collection.