by Nadia ten Hove

Lightning and thunder clatter on the mountain. Structures appear alienated, are in a state of constant change. The room seems intangible, and fear is spreading in the minds of the population. The power of the mountains pushes people into a dependency gradient with unequal forces.

In the constant struggle of the mountain dwellers with the elements of nature, scenic impressions are combined with supernatural ideas. They regard special phenomena in rock and nature as transformations. Through the personification of their properties in combination with the consideration of animal transformation and adaptation arts, the concrete idea of demonic fantasy figures arises. A real fear projection forged by the power of nature within the human consciousness. It lets people strive for a metamorphosis into bogeys, in which attributes of transformation, such as changing skins or furs, are taken up. This creates a connection between the human and the phantom in order to obtain its help.

Driven by the acceleration of modernity, people begin to build ever more massive huts to distance themselves from the transformation of nature. The dependency gap is shifting, and modern techniques are exploiting the mountain more and more in order to intensify mining and mountain tourism. The former fear of the mountain is transformed into fear for the mountain. Even if technology could be used to reflect on the past symbiosis with the phantom, so that there is a profit for people and nature.

Blinded decisions guided by fear and multiplied by greed!

Alexander Krobath is a Fashion Designer & Conceptional Textile Artist who recently graduated from his B.A. in fashion design.

Drawing inspiration from his alpine roots, he embarks on a creative journey that combines rustic charm with futuristic imaginings.

At the core of his creations are the innovative skins that cover them, focussing on textile creation with a strong emphasis on sustainability. Beyond the boundaries of conventional design, he delves into scientific research, exploring new dimensions of structure and surface as a frontier for the future.

Yet, the artist`s works transcend the realm of mere appearances; they embody living entities, with every aspect of their skins meticulously crafted by hand, from headpieces to shoes. These creations inspire humans to explore new dimensions of movement and self-expression.

,,In essence, my artistry represents an intricate tapestry woven from alpine inspirations, innovative techniques, sustainable principles, and a profound desire to challenge conventions. Through my creations, I breathe life into true creatures that propel us towards uncharted territories of self- expression and pave the way for a vibrant future.“ – Alexander Krobath

Photo Credits

Photo: Philipp Romer

Digital Operator: Capture3000

Models: Fabienne Bruce, Vivien Hammer, Melissa Hemberger, Nick Merkel, Markus Polowinko, Dave Steuerwald, Gabriel Thomas

Artistic Concept: Alexander Krobath

Video Credits

Creative Direction: Paula Grell

Director of Photography: Maximilian Miller

Assistant Camera: Arthur Wiechmann

Edit/ Color: Maximilian Miller

Soundtrack: ELIS CRIME ft. Tom Kraft

Support: Adrian Thanner

Additional Composer: Francesco S. Zechhin

Set Assistance: Lina Schriever

Models: Amelie Göbel, Melissa Hemberger, Nadia ten Hove, Raymond Christopher Idiado, Günter Krobath, Herostico Lopez, Jennifer Ly

Artistic Concept: Alexander Krobath