Fashion Trust Arabia (FTA) announced that the 6th Edition of the FTA Prize will be held in Morocco in October 2024 as part of the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Years of Culture.

The Years of Culture Qatar-Morocco 2024 event commenced on February 20th, with a special exhibition of Berber jewelry from the Royal Palace at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, acknowledging the exceptional ties between the two countries, their peoples, and the two Heads of State.

FTA has chosen the vibrant city of Marrakech as its host location, highlighting the strong relationship between Qatar and Morocco showcased through the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Year of Culture, as well as their shared commitment to supporting Arab culture and nurturing talent within the region.

As part of this initiative, The FTA Prize 2024 will welcome guests from around the world to explore and celebrate Moroccan heritage, aiming to spearhead sustainable cultural partnerships between Qatar and other countries. This initiative promotes respect and understanding between diverse cultures by developing programs related to all aspects of culture.