The Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem kicks off

The new edition of the Fashion + Design Festival Arnhem has officially started on the 3rd of June 2021.This year, together with designers, artists and partners, the festival has a hybrid character due to the current global pandemic.

Within the theme, all participants explore how they make the world a little more beautiful, cleaner and sustainable with their designs and creations. The festival organization aims to offer the visitor a general, well-grounded, compelling overview of the theme PURPOSE alongside the 10 dimensions of the Kabbalah, without any given prejudices of judgments. FDFA aims to offer the broadest spectrum of the content and thematic of PURPOSE, to make the topic widely available to each possible audience. The goal is to collaborate with the designers to look at many initiatives and inspire visitors, watchers and enthusiasts. 

The festival is all about PURPOSE, but also about RE-PURPOSE. The festival zooms in on the way in which fashion and product design responds to the changing focus from material to immaterial happiness and meaning, based on the ten dimensions of Kabbalah. At least 4 videos are linked to each dimension within the theme: 

  • How they create videos: a designer explains the ways of working and how he/she contributes to the theme.  
  • An artistic video from a designer/stylist on a given subject within the dimensions of Purpose 
  • Vision: a designer, entrepreneur or artist shares it’s experimental vision on the theme
  • Rijn IJssel Purpose TV:  The local students of the Rijn Ijssel Academy head out in the streets to examine the local Arnhem population on their fashion consumption behaviours and the underlying thoughts and attitudes in a more playful and accessible format 

The FDFA offers a high-quality hybrid festival from June 3 to July 3, 2021, in which online and offline events alternate and complement each other. Each week, a number of dimensions from the overarching theme "PURPOSE" are highlighted, with exhibitions, lectures, events and performances. The programming takes place mainly on Thursdays and Fridays in June and is organized in collaboration with partners of the FDFA. View the current program via this link:

The costs of digital programming on Thursdays are free to attract the widest possible audience, to keep the program as inclusive as possible and make the program accessible to everyone.