Inimitable techno kingpin Farrago, today unveils the next piece of the puzzle for the upcoming 10-track compendium ‘Blesssed’, set for release on the 19th of May and is available to pre- order now. The bountiful new project will be released via his own imprint Vermillion Trax, a brand-new label that is destined to subvert expectations and deviate from the norm. The newest single artfully follows the release of ‘Addicted To Bass’ feat. Amelie Lens our introductory taste of this multifaceted new world, ‘Blesssed’. 

‘Ducky Tribal Mission’, released on the 28th April contains an onslaught of percussion and gristly synths, it’s hard not to become entranced by the bewildering vocal samples and swirling nature of the track. A bastion of kinetic energy from start to finish, the latest track bubbles with intensity through its unstoppable runtime. Farrago pulls no punches, creating a wall of sound with his vicious use of distortion and careful drum programming. A welcomed addition to the compelling debut album, ‘Blesssed’.

“Ducky Tribal Mission is my favourite track on the album. It’s simply so much fun to play. It was the first track I finished after deciding to work on this album and it was the decider for which direction to go with the album. Fast, trippy techno.” – Farrago

One of the main protagonists of the techno 2.0 generation, the leading man of the Lenske family and Exhale community, Farrago is a name that sparks joy. The Belgian DJ and producer his name is synonymous to fast and trippy sounds from the broader spectrum of electronic music. A mix of trancey melodies and psy infused techno are to be expected when you are surrounded by other ravers on Sam’s dancefloor. After 3 releases on the Berlin based A R T S label, the Exhale resident co-founded Lenske with Amelie Lens in 2018 and has been a mainstay there for the past few years. A few years later, a new chapter unfolds with the announcement of his debut album that will be released on a new label run by the man himself.

Stay tuned for more as we grow ever closer to the launch of Farrago’s heavily anticipated debut album. ‘Ducky Tribal Mission’ marks the second single from Farrago’s debut album, out on the 19TH May.


Farrago – A Possible Future For Mankind

Farrago – Naked Light

Farrago, Amelie Lens – Addicted To Bass

Farrago – Ducky Tribal Mission

Farrago – We Talk On The Phone

Farrago – Reclaim Your Future

Farrago – You Have Power

Farrago – No One Leaves This Room

Farrago – Everything Is Going To Be Daijoubu

Farrago – Aprilia Nightdrive