A new season
Each season American Vintage invites a photographer to work in their style. In his or her own city, for his or her community. For example, this Fall/Winter 22/23 collection was photographed through the lens of German photographer Jonas Unger. The photoshoot in Berlin shows a modern, international city with an abundance of creativity and spontaneity.

Street casting
This season, twenty new faces will represent American Vintage. They are between 6 months and 71 years old and all unique in their own way. Style is now a family business, with essentials for men, women and children. An intimate approach, with silhouettes that follow the light of day.

The AMV style
The American Vintage wardrobe consists of autumnal colours, from khaki to light beige, with completely retro fluorescent accents and discreet prints. During the cold winter temperatures, items can be worn on top of each other. Go for soft cotton fabrics, clean silhouettes and striking outfits. Put together a look based on needs, mood and personality. American Vintage offers a vibrant style in which everyone can express themselves. Every morning anew.