Last Thursday Patrizia Pepe unveiled its new creative collaboration with Cirque Le Soir, London’s leading nightlife club and all-round art project founded on the values of creativity, freedom and inclusivity that inspire the brand and its passion for all things unexpected and extraordinary.

We have seen the brand take the ‘night party’ concept a step further by transforming it into a special occasion to celebrate its connection with music and its desire to offer its community unique, exciting and engaging experiences. This season Patrizia Pepe is taking part in Milan Fashion Week by organizing the new Urban Disco Jungle event at Alcatraz, an iconic location transformed into a surreal universe where the urban context merges with nature and underground vibes to host the stars of London’s craziest nightlife scene.

“Our desire to experience music and art in every possible form, with a curious and inclusive outlook, welcoming diversity, embracing the unexpected and allowing people to freely express themselves through their bodies, talent, energy and uniqueness, overcoming conventions and prejudices”.

Creative Director, Patrizia Bambi

With this sentiment, Patrizia Pepe endorses the message IF YOU DON’T KNOW, DON’T WORRY, a cult phrase of the Cirque Le Soir crew, interpreted as an invitation to share and exchange, without fear or limitation, with eyes that are always new and with a hint of madness, even when we observe what we do not expect.
Irreverence, glamorous dreams and reality come together in the performance staged by the 10 top artists of Cirque Le Soir, dressed as mystical and fabulous creatures, with astonishing costumes, for an unprecedented live show.

The aesthetic connection with the design and atmosphere of Patrizia Pepe stores is evident, as is the play of reflections, light and contrasts that have always defined the brand’s “cool & contemporary” style.
This new urban setting is the backdrop for the garments and accessories of the Autumn/Winter 24-25 collection, worn by the models through an installation of terrariums that become stages for femininity and awareness that never transcend the brand’s glamorous soul.

The garments are minimalist, with sleek, precise silhouettes that follow Patrizia Pepe’s distinctive codes: the masculine and the feminine, oversized shapes and close-fitting silhouettes, sensual transparencies and luminous textures, vibrant prints, metallic details and sequin embroidery. Accessories complete the looks by enhancing the mix of fluid volumes and bold shapes, with geometric maxi sunglasses, jewellery expanded with organic contours, slim décolletés and boots with solid, square toes.