extreme cashmere edition 21

no limits, no concessions

extreme cashmere does not do collections nor seasons. Instead, the brand releases four new editions each year, offering a full wardrobe that is intended to be worn throughout the year, setting no seasonal limits and making no concessions when it comes to colour, style or fit.

Edition 21 is made for movement, delivering comfortable styles that meet the demands of city life.

For quick errands up the block, a trip to the dog park, or those first days back in the office, this edition’s easy to wear looks are ideal for rentrée. With references to the understated glamour found whilst walking down the street, edition 21 gives the everyday an appropriate dash of drama. Conceptualised with movement in mind, these garments are practical enough for hopping on a bike, while also looking undeniably graceful when blown by an autumn breeze. Select styles utilise rib knitting, both heavy and fine, which makes a life on the go so much more flexible, and the accessories are fantastic additions to any busy body’s supply of city survival gear.

Key styles include diana, a strapless dress that seamlessly moves from day to night; go, a reinvented cape with attached balaclava that is the perfect extra layer; and bike, form-fitting rib knitted shorts that are easy to move in. The featured accessories are boaz, a square shopper with two straps, big enough to hold everything; and spag, an extra-long rib knitted scarf that can be used to as a belt, wrap, or any other way that works on a windy day. Find these styles in a range of effortlessly smart colours, like the berry red, luxurious camel, and an earthy purple, mauve.

In the upcoming ‘Anonymous Campaign’, the streets of Amsterdam are where we find edition 21 in its natural environment. These mature styles are suitable for everybody who find themselves always on the move, and every body that wants to get on with their day in comfort. And please, no photos.

Find edition 21 in retail locations around the world and online starting September ’22!

Listing details

Name: extreme cashmere

Website: extreme-cashmere.com

Instagram: @extreme.cashmere

About extreme cashmere

extreme cashmere is not your typical clothing brand. Based in Amsterdam, but found around the world, our specialization is high-quality cashmere. Our goal is to create and produce the ultimate cashmere wardrobe.

extreme cashmere doesn’t do collections nor seasons and all of our clothing is unisex and unisize. Our main interest is creating and producing long-lasting garments meant for everybody and suitable for every body. Our classic styles surprise with color and a keen attention to detail, each fitting for the everyday.

extreme cashmere is a small, but talented team composed of both young talent and those with years of knowledge and experience. Together, our energy is combined to make your favorite cashmere item, one that will endure for many years to come.

About founder

extreme cashmere was founded by Saskia Dijkstra in 2016.

Throughout her twenty plus years in high-end cashmere production, Saskia dreamt of designing a cashmere jumper made on her terms. No more exceptions to color and design, no more sacrificing quality for the sake of price. From the start, she believed her sweater should be more than just another article of clothing, but a transformative addition to a wardrobe that would provide warm comfort and inspire confidence in the wearer.

Saskia’s first jumper, the crew hop, was completed after much trial and error. With the fresh sample in her hands, she ran home and asked her family to try on her creation. Surprisingly, the sweater fit every single person, no matter the age, gender, weight, and height. With newly opened eyes, she embraced the possibility of producing a single size and shape jumper for everybody and every body.

Saskia didn’t intend to create a brand, one day she just set out to make the perfect sweater. The rest is extreme cashmere.

About sizing

All styles are unisex and unisize. Each garment is specifically designed to fit every body type in its own way, although To indicate a style’s proportion, we use fitted (for smaller), classic (for medium) and comfort (for bigger). The cashmere used contains added elastane, which allows our garments to stretch.

About cashmere

All extreme cashmere garments are made of carefully selected wool from cashmere goats that live in mountainous areas in China’s Inner Mongolia. A soft undercoat on their abdomen and neck provides these animals with much-needed protection during the extremely cold winters. In late spring, when the temperatures begin to rise, the goats moult. The process of collecting the loose cashmere fibres, called harvesting, is done by combing the animals’ thick pelts.

After harvesting, the fibres are sorted according to length. In order to produce high-quality cashmere, extreme cashmere only uses the longest available fibres, which make into stronger, long-lasting knits. Next to the production of cashmere in various dyed colours, undyed cashmere is used for the colours cream and oat.

extreme cashmere produces its garments in manufacturing facilities that comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BCSI).

About ethics

In a sincere effort to offer a more transparent, sustainable, and resourceful alternative to the current fashion industry, every stage of the supply chain is placed under scrutiny. We ask: ‘What is relevant?’ and ‘Is it truly necessary?’

  • Instead of trying to sell the customer a new garment every few weeks, extreme cashmere seeks to create high quality garments that are made to last for years and beyond seasons.
  • Each extreme cashmere ‘edition’ is limited to a maximum of fifteen unisize and unisex reinvented classic styles to minimise complex production processes and overproduction.
  • All extreme cashmere garments are suited for all seasons and available throughout the year, while stock lasts.
  • All extreme cashmere garments are honestly priced. The brand only works with trusted suppliers that comply with the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), regularly ensuring that conditions are upheld and no steps in the process are bypassed.

surprising colours, extraordinary styles

for everybody, and every body

extreme attention to detail

all seasons, all occasions