For edition 24, extreme cashmere created a wardrobe in which you are free to be yourself. Feeling reminiscent of those special and intimate moments with friends and family, extreme cashmere invites you to dinner where everything feels new and exciting, yet also comfortable and familiar — exploring the world of adult friendships and how they can provide you with a sense of community, intimacy and even nostalgia. 

The garments have a vintage feeling but are relevant for the modern day. The measurements are either greatly enlarged or reduced, resulting in playful proportions and silhouettes.

Key styles include:dia, an asymmetric sweater that is made to look like it falls off the body;natasja, a see-through skirt in cotton cashmere mesh, ideal for a party;freedom, a classic vest cropped very short to showcase the belly;deco, a very deep v-neck sweater that can be worn as an evening wear piece or comfortable layer;and our favourite sweater juna truly looks different on every body. 

Find edition 24 in retail locations worldwide and online on 
starting June 2023.