At the end of a hot summer’s day, a cool shower washes off the sun and sand. Clean again. With wet hair and prickly skin, comfort comes in the form of a fresh t-shirt, and it feels like a long-awaited embrace. Our designers wondered how they could embody this incomparable t-shirt sensation and soon uncovered a completely new way to experience cashmere.

The result is cotton-cashmere and it’s lighter than our usual knits. This new material makes its grand debut in edition 23 and half the styles feature it, including three unique t-shirts that are designed and finished similarly to a classic jersey t-shirt. The clean and comfortable blend, cotton-cashmere makes the perfect tee. With a composition of thirty percent cashmere and seventy percent cotton, it fuses our regular cashmere with the crisp structure and clean breathability of cotton.

Rather than launching different sizes, we created three different shapes, each with its own individual measurements and shapes, suitable for different bodies. Like the rest of the extreme cashmere wardrobe, our t-shirts are for all seasons and all occasions – great in the heat, or as an underlayer in the winter time; and they’re for everybody – every body shape can find its ideal fit and they’re available in nine distinct colours.