We would like to introduce to you our new contributor Oumayma Elboumeshouli.

Oumayma is a fashion influencer and all-round creative from the Netherlands. She lives in between Amsterdam, The UAE and Marrakech. From a young age she knew what she wanted and pursued her dream of creating creative content and strategies for different kinds of brands. With her Arabic heritage she often uses the Moroccan scenery as a great source of inspiration. Oumayma knows how to tell a story and creates mind blowing images. Her style can be described as ‘urban chic’ as she knows how to combine high-end fashion with street style items. Oumayma has an eye for detail and a talent for styling, photography and art direction. Brands love to work with Oumayma as her content is a real piece of art. She is professional, driven, creative and carefully selects the brands she wants to work with.

I would like to dedicate my first article to my heritage: Morocco. A country that has a special place in my heart. After every visit I leave more inspired. I’m sharing some locations which are worth visiting when you are in Morocco.



One of my favorite places to stay in Marrakech is Riad El Fenn in the Medina. What I love most about this Riad is not only the location (which is super easy reachable by car) but also the surroundings. All the touristic attractions are a few minutes away on walking distance. Also the interior game of this Riad is super strong.



If you want to experience the real authentic Morocco make sure to bring your most comfortable shoes and prepare yourself your long and inspiring strolls in the medina. It doesn’t matter how many times I have visited, I always manage to find some hidden gems such as authentic Moroccan restaurants and shops.



One of the most luxurious destinations in Morocco and hotels in Africa. Another favorite for me when it comes to having ‘me-time’. I love to visit the hotel just to enjoy some Moroccan tea and sweets in the famous garden. The hotel has also a selection of luxurious brand boutiques with the latest runway collections.



When in Marrakech it is an absolute must see, to visit the Agafay stone dessert which is located 20 miles outside the city centre. Make sure to plan an entire day in the dessert or even spend the night. The Agafay desert has literally everything you desire in the middle of nowhere. For me as a creative it’s an absolute source of inspiration and a huge set to create content. Most people like to visit and do activities such as quad biking and camel rides.



If you love goats, make sure to stop on the road when you’re on your way to Essaouira from Marrakech. You can spot different Argan trees with goats in it. Sometimes if you ask the farmer nicely they will let you hug one of the goats and have a photo moment with them just like I did.



I travel a lot to the south of Morocco because that is where most of my family lives. My dad was born In Ouarzazatte which is an absolute must visit when you’re on your way to the south. Another hidden gem is Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, a old town which is now mostly used as a movie set and decoration. The little town is 5 miles on your left before you reach Ouarzazatte.



Zaggoura, to me one of the most magical places in Morocco where you could see the skies full of stars in the night and enormous palmtree fields for the best dates. This city is also called the gate of the Sahara because it’s basically around the corner.

For more images check out her profile on instagram @oumaymaboumeshouli