ARIUNAA SURI was founded in 2012 by the Mongolian fashion designer Ariunaa Surenjavin. Before establishing the company, Ariunaa graduated from the University of Bremen in Germany. The designer brings together a mysterious quality that existsbetween East and West. In between different origins, histories, and traditions, something new emerges. Ariunaa’s mission is to create fashion out of eco-friendly materials that is well known for its unique designs inspired by Mongolia’s wildnature, animals and cultural heritage.

Ariunaa Suri’s designs rework Mongolia’s traditional fashion patterns, styles, and forms into the designer’s own creations. Every single garment is timeless and classical, made from luxury, high-quality materials found in Mongolia’s ecology, such as cashmere, leather and hand-crafted accessories.

Drawing on her Mongolian heritage, Ariunaa explores the relationship between humankind, nature, and the spiritual world filtered though the eyes of a shaman. It is a collection of shamanic clothing designed to invoke the power of the spirits we worship. By wearing these clothes individuals can share the spirituality of the natural world and beseech a shaman’s protection. The collection features intricate embroidery, traditional Mongolian motifs and natural materials such as wool and leather. The fabrics are dark in color befitting the seriousness of the shaman’s world and the depth of their natural understanding.