She’s a notoriously bold anti-hero who dishes out villainous levels of attitude and outlandish style in equal measure. Fiendishly fashionable. A cultural icon who manages to be counterculture- relevant. Authentic. Inimitable. Utterly unapologetic. We’re talking, of course, about Cruella de Vil – the infamous main character portrayed by Academy Award®-winner Emma Stone in Disney’s all-new live action movie, Cruella, which releases May 28, 2021.

Enter The Disney Cruella Collection by M·A·C, a collection that revisits our subcultural heritage by taking inspiration from the loved-to-be-hated fashion icon who so perfectly embodies the Punk and New Wave era of the late 70s and early 80s, with her vivid slash of crimson lips and hardcore black-and-white shadows. “With there being such a huge trend for recycling the more niche counterculture moments of previous decades, this collection feels like M·A·C returning to a celebration of the kind of DIY styling and brave transformation that originally made it such a maverick brand,” explains M·A·C Director of Makeup Artistry, Terry Barber.

Rebellious, glamourous and undeniably fabulous, this limited- edition lineup for eyes, lips and face celebrates our favourite fashionable villain’s rise to infamy in her new live-action film. Cruella stands for the rebels, outcasts, misfits and original rule-breakers who have always been – and continue to be – the real tastemakers.

Taking its cue from the shades and artistry used to create Cruella’s on-screen looks, this covetable collection of punk-rock reds and haute metallic hues is inspired by the most iconic looks of Disney’s Cruella, all dressed to impress in exclusive two- toned packaging influenced by her designs in the film. “It’s high glam with plenty of attitude, brought to a new generation,” says Barber.

Don’t be fashionably late for this one.

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