Calvin Klein celebrites Pride throughout the year. This year the theme of the Pride campaign is ‘celebrating defining moments in the queer and trans journey’. Previously you could have seen talents like Honey Dijon and Omar Ayuso in the campaign. Coinciding with this campaign, Calvin Klein is collaborating with four queer artists to creatively express their defining moments in the form of murals.

Each talent conveyed the transformative events that shaped their lives in different countries across Europe at different moments in time. Their artwork and personal experiences can be further explored through a QR code activation, leading to

While each artist stands out for their own background and creative talent, they are all united in their shared passion for — and impact on — the LGBTQIA+ community. For Amsterdam Calvin Klein worked with the talented Sarah Naqvi.

@naqvi_sarah (25) – Artist


Sarah Naqvi (she/they) created Etymologies of Erasure in Amsterdam (Hazenstraat 18 as of July 30)

Living between Mumbai and Amsterdam, Sarah Naqvi is a contemporary artist whose work covers themes such as gender, sexuality, race, religion and body positivity. Sarah’s mural represents an imaginary landscape with characters reflecting queer ecologies and erased histories that are essential for queer people and their empowerment. The multidisciplinary mural is a collage of textures, scans, hand-painting and green-screens. Sarah says, “The central figure sat under the tree is an image of me from a time I didn’t recognize myself, and then me now liberated, imputed digitally and captured in my home environment.”

The moment: “In that rare conversation with my family about queerness, in explaining to them in the sweetest of words what it meant, in that moment I saw myself also redefining the terms of my own existence for the first time.”

Pride should be every day, every minute & every moment.